Save power

The experts fundamentally agree on a number of key areas that can significantly reduce your power bill and help you live a GreenLife. To learn more about how to save power at home, save power at work or for new buildings click here.

The key tips for home owners and business owners are some if not all of the following:


  1. Buy a fuel efficient car
  2. Buy energy efficient appliances
  3. Buy used and recycled
  4. Buy water efficient appliances
  5. Draught-proof your home
  6. Get a home energy assessment
  7. Improve heating and cooling
  8. Improve window efficiency
  9. Install and energy efficient hot water system
  10. Install insulation
  11. Install solar power or wind power generation systems
  12. Reduce, re-use, recycle
  13. Ride a bike or walk where you can
  14. Switch to energy efficient lighting
  15. Use lights and appliances efficiently
  16. Switch to greener energy