Regulations for new homes

It is required under law that new homes in Australia meet a minimum Energy Rating standard. These ratings are provided using Stars as a measure. In Queensland as in many other states, the minimum level of rating is 6 Stars.


Deemed to Satisfy

This is the most conservative and often the most expensive way to build a new home that meets a minimum energy rating. Many energy rating computer programs offer more cost effective solutions to those building new homes than Deemed to Satisfy can provide.


BERS Assessments

This nationally accredited method of assessing new homes often provides a more cost effective and  custom approach to meeting the energy rating requirements for your new home.

To maximise the benefits of BERS however, it is essential that those using the BERS software have a thorough knowledge of products that provide the most effective solution to help you meet 6 stars or above.

At Ecolife Solutions we couple our product knowledge and expertise  with the BERS software to deliver the smartest, most cost effective and  practical solutions to ensure you meet the relevant energy efficiency standards and minimise your ongoing power bills in your new home.