Rebates for new homes

There are a number of state and federally funded rebates available for owners of new homes.

Solar Power

STC Multiplier – funded by the Federal Government these rebates are designed to improve the affordability of Solar Power.

Unit Size      Multiplier  
   STC's Including Multiplier       Rebate Available in Dollars
1.5kw 3 93 $2790
2.0kw 3 103 $3090
2.5kw 3 114 $3420
3.0kw 3 124 $3720
3.5kw 3 134 $4020
4.0kw 3 145 $4350
4.5kw 3 155 $4650
5.0kw 3 165 $4950



Hot Water

Only Heat Pumps & Solar Hot Water Systems are eligible for government rebates. Both State Government and Federal Government funded rebates are available according to certain eligibility criteria. STC rebates are also available on these products.

STC Rebates
Available on Heat Pumps and Solar Hot Water Heaters for new and existing homes.