Rebates for existing homes

There are a number of state and federally funded rebates available for owners of existing homes.

Solar Power

STC Multiplier – funded by the Federal Government these rebates are designed to improve the affordability of Solar Power.

Unit Size      Multiplier  
   STC's Including Multiplier       Rebate Available in Dollars
1.5kw 3 93 $2790
2.0kw 3 103 $3090
2.5kw 3 114 $3420
3.0kw 3 124 $3720
3.5kw 3 134 $4020
4.0kw 3 145 $4350
4.5kw 3 155 $4650
5.0kw 3 165 $4950


         *The multiplier is scheduled to be reduced as of July 1st, 2012.



Hot Water

Only Heat Pumps & Solar Hot Water Systems are eligible for government rebates. State Government and Federal Government funded rebates are available according to certain eligibility criteria. STC rebates are also available on these products.

STC Rebates
Available on Heat Pumps and Solar Hot Water Heaters for new and existing homes. STCs are a traded commodity, just like a share and are subject to market fluctuations.  The value of any STCs applicable should be confirmed on the date of installation. The actual amount of rebates received (if any) will be based on values and criteria at the date the completed assignment form is recieved


Queensland Government Rebates
Not available for new homes
Heat Pump $600
Solar Hot Water  $1200
Pensioners Heat Pumps $1000
Pensioners Solar Hot Water $1000


*Best endeavours are made to ensure information and elegibility criteria regarding rebates are current. To confirm eligibility and the rebates available please contact us on (07) 3881 2300.