Solutions for existing homes

Solar Power

To get the greatest return on Solar Power even the experts will tell you to improve the energy efficiency of your home then invest in Solar Power. We sell a range of products to suit your budget. We only sell products with transferable warranties to assist you in maximising the value of your home should you choose to sell it.

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Hot Water

Representing 25 – 35 percent of your electricity bill, electric hot water units are now outlawed in new homes and are being replaced by a range of energy efficient systems that are heavily incentivised in the form of rebates by state and federal governments.

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In a recent national study it was shown the 38 percent of the average household power bill was attributed to heating and cooling. Insulation is a low cost and effective way of reducing heating and coooling costs. Insulation is also an effective way of treating unwanted noise within the home.

High Performance Gold Batts for Walls and Ceilings

Supercharge your Insulation

Environmental Statement - Recycled, Asthma Friendly, Low Irritant, Low VOC

Tontine Insulation

Treating noise problems in existing homes


Ventilating the roof or attic space reduces the heat build-up by expelling hot air which enables it to be replaced with ambient temperature air from outside. Our wide range of ventilation systems suit almost any lifestyle or budget.

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Solar Bright is one of the leading  manufacturers and suppliers of tubular daylighting products and solar powered roof fans. This makes Solar bright a unique  source for a large range of Energy efficient products serving customers throughout Australia and NZ.

Like Ecolife Solutions the Solarbright brand shows a commitment to customers by  offering innovative energy saving products at affordable prices. All products have been engineered to perform at the highest possible level. They  are easy to install, require no maintenance and operate on free solar energy.  Solarbright skylights and vents are backed with an industry leading 15 -25 year  product warranty.

Solarbright have earned ENERGY STAR® Rating and  are NAHB Green Approved.

Important Legislation

Mandatory Disclosure
Most states of Australia now require you to disclose the energy efficiency standard of your home. Depending on where you live you may be required to have your house upgraded to meet a minimum Star Rating or in other cases, you may just be required to provide a disclosure form that highlights the energy efficiency measures in your home.

Licensed Installers
Depending on the state you live in, most retailers that offer supply and installation are required to be licensed to install the products you purchase from them. Likewise if they are not licensed it is illegal for them to provide you with a product or service conditional on using a third party installer. In some states it is not a requirement to be licensed to install insulation, vents or skylights, but in all states and territories it is a requirement that hot water units and solar power systems are installed by appropriately licensed and accredited tradespeople.

Solar Power and Wind Power Installers
All states require Solar Power systems and Wind Power generation systems to be installed by Clean Energy Council accredited, licensed electricians. You will not be able to claim STC rebates if the electrician is found to not be properly qualified. Ensure you ask to see installation qualifications.

Hot Water
Hot water must always be installed by a licensed plumber. In some states it is a requirement for plumbers to have specialised training and qualifications in installing heat pumps, solar hot water or gas systems. Government rebate schemes specifically require some of the qualifications.

Ecolife Solutions Installers
All Ecolife Solutions installers are licensed and qualified and meet the state and territory legislative requirements in the states and territories that we offer supply and installation services within.

BERS Assessment

Some states require you to have your home reach a minimum Star Rating before you sell it. BERS Assessments and Energy Audits are an easy way we can assess your home for its compliance.