A Scientific Approach

We use a series of different software products and systems to design the most relevant solutions for your existing home, new home or commercial building project.


Energy Audits – The first step to reducing your power bill in existing homes

An Energy Audit involves one of our qualified experts visiting your home or business and reporting on the breakdown of power usage in your home. The audit report will provide you with a list of recommendations that you can use to help you decide in which power saving technologies to invest in which will consequently lead to you reducing your power bill.


BERS Assessments – Star ratings for both residential homes and commercial building projects

The Building Energy Rating Scheme is a nationally accredited method of assessing the energy efficiency of new homes, multi-residential and other buildings. It can also be used to assess existing homes. Under this ratiing scheme a building is rated using a Star Rating. Our in house BERS qualified experts can assist you, your builder or design professional with these services.